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Get roped into a delicious evening of tea sipping, tie slipping, and friend making all for your taking. Not a munch, not a play party - this event is one part Rope Education to two parts Social Evening. Come alone, come with a date, or come with friends. Having rope is helpful, but we have plenty to share if you need.

BEGINNERS CLASS begins at 8:15. We're trying things a new way - instead of teaching a full tie for you to memorize and forget, each week we'll showcase a different basic component of Shibari and together go through some of the ways you can use it. This encourages creativity in your ties, and over the weeks will give you a more intuitive understanding of tying someone down.

ROPE EXPERT CHALLENGE: If you already know the ropes, no need to follow along with the class - we'll give you a challenge to complete and show off to the newbies at the end.

TEA pairs well with everything. Each week learn and taste something about tea you never knew existed.

Contact Immodestea on FB to join our amazing volunteer community and get free entry!

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Tea Biscuits & Honey

Atlanta Hot Pots

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Piedmont Park May 2016 Atlanta Ga.

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Let's Dish Tea 

Thu, July 20, 2017

7:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Shibari & Tea

by Immodestea

Mango Dome Community Center

30 Laskie Street

San Francisco, CA 94103

St. Julien Gingerbread Tea