Hey there Tea Sippers. Today I am going to share a few words and dish my tea on the new CDC estimations that half of black gay and biattractional men with be diagnosed with HIV.
I have been asking for YEARS for the CDC to look at the prevention message and change it.  I will elaborate further on this point because I don't think it's REAL!

This is going to be a HOT POT of tea for your nerves darlings, so bring plenty of crumpets!



February 1, 2017

Let's Dish Tea 


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Don't Come  Out of a Bag!

Hey there Tea Sippers...... tell me something, What would you get if you take the sizzle of TLC, the spunk and fire of Salt and Peppa, and the poise, grace, and style of Destiny's Child and mixed it all together?  I'll tell you, You would get this new sensation that is making their mark on the tapestry of the music industry; with their spearhead being the Powerhouse manager who is responsible for introducing the world to Destiny's Child and the equally talented and glamorous Solange Knowles, the father of Beyonce and Solange, Mr. Mathew Knowles!

Blusssh Music is comprised of Ms. Sunnie, Tali, and Bunni Ray....together these sistahs are about to bring "OLD SCHOOL BACK" and let the children have it with both barrels cocked and loaded! We wil delve into their world and see if we can't all Blushhh as they Dish their Tea on the ins and outs of this business we call SHOW!

Get your crumpets ready darlings!! This pot is HOT!



Hey there Tea Sippers!  Today's episode will be full of political fire and fervor as we will be talking with a young man who is willing to dedicate his life to serving the people of DeKalb County as he has put his hat into the ring...the political ring of running for the DeKalb County Sheriff's Office. 

Mr. Harold Dennis, a former Police Officer, a pilot, a law abiding citizen, a father of 5, a husband, and a compassionate man who has always been on the forefront of developing ways to make his community and the lives of people around him more harmonized and in synch with all of the good life has to offer.  He has been on fire and ready to implement the necessary changes needed to facilitate a better relationship between the law enforcement community and the citizens they serve, bridge the gap between the youth of today and the voices and policies of yesterday, creating a stronger foundation from which DeKalb County can stand proudest on and reinvent its relevance within its community and within the state of Georgia.

This is going to be a most intriguing pot of tea as we get ready to cast our votes and let our voices be heard this election season. Bring plenty of crumpets and questions so that you can have informed decisions when you arrive to the polls this November.

"The Queen has Spoken and it's going down... Aretha vs. Patti in the kitchen" on Dishing Tea with "Big Meach" aired 02/29/2016 on BlogTalkRadio.


Dishing Tea with Big Meach... 8 Year's

Celebrating JULY 2017

 "I've got a LICENSE TO KILL;

being REAL about the 2nd Admendment"

on Dishing Tea with "Big Meach" aired 02/28/2016 on BlogTalkRadio.


Why do you keep messing with my Mind?  
Don't Come  Out of a Bag!
March 30, 2016 at 1pm EST


Hey there Tea Sippers!! 

We are still going strong for my bday celebration with a real inside look on how to save yourself from the traps and dangers of being emotionally abused!!  How many times have we made excuses for those we claim we love yet every time we turn around, they are saying something that really CUTS to the core?  How many times have we allowed friends to say and do anything because we feel that "they are our friends and they are only speaking truth" when in actuality, they are using 'truth' as a weapon?
Today, author Alexis Nicole White will be dishing tea about her experiences with emotional abuse and we will disect her book, "The Covered" which highlights her journey with finding herself and coming out of the trenches of being a victim of such abuse.

June 22, 2016

"What the world needs now..."


Hey Tea Sippers!  Today is going to be a day where YOU get to be MY cohost!!  Yes, it is another installment of Don't Come out of a Bag, Wednesday and you know the rules.....We can and WILL talk about any and everything that is on your mind, right here, RIGHT NOW, BUT if you come out of a bag on me, I will come out of a Big on YOU!

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Not Just DeKalb County, but a Sheriff of and for THE PEOPLE,

Mr. Harold Dennis 

With Big Meach.

Tea Sippers

Hey there Tea Sippers! 

It's another Glorious Wednesday and you know what time it is... it's time to for YOU to be MY Co-Host and let your voices be heard. It's time for another installment of "Don't Come out of a Bag, Wednesday" where we can and will talk about any and everything that is on your mind, right here.... RIGHT NOW, BUT......if you decide to come out of a bag on me, I will promise you that I will come out of a BIGGER BAG on you!  That's right,,  It's time us to agree to disagree, get right down to the real nitty gritty, tell it like it T-I-IS, and down right speak your peace on the issues that are important to you!

This time, I am going to add to the conversations about these issues that are on my mind:

Whoopi Goldberg is now selling cannabis products for women; do you believe this will assist in helping marijuana becoming legalized in the entire country?
The Religious Freedom Act: Mississippi, North Carolina, and a few other states have this on the book, but do you believe that such a law causes Legalize Discrimination?
2016 Presidential Race....Can You Stand It??  Have you decided on who you are going to vote for, yet?  Will President Obama's shoe be hard to fill?  How about First Lady Michelle's?
Truvada as PreP.....Is this REALLY and HIV preventative? 

Yeah, my darlings, this is going to be one ole HOT pot of Tea for your nerves, so make sure you have plenty of crumpets.


Author Vanessa Werts and her prolific pen are at it again! This gifted scribe just released her second hot novel, "Lies: Even Love Has Its Casualties" in February 2016.Vanessa's new book offers a bold, thought provoking perspective on love and forgiveness and the importance of dispelling lies and telling yourself the truth.  The story was inspired by Vanessa's own tumultuous experiences in love and experiences.  (Some of her art imitates life; the question is - how much?)
In the novel, Bobbi Farqua is a Washington, DC publicist who knows how to close a deal.  Success in business comes easy, but her love life is a different story.  The loyalty she shows her clients doesn't work with men--it never did.  They only want one thing, and now so does she.  When Bobbi takes on NFL baller Savon Turner as a client during a paternity scandal, business turns personal and she winds up in a full-blown love affair.  But Monica, Savon's fiancee, is nobody's pushover.  In a tangled web of unchecked hurt, selfishness and indiscretion, Bobbi learns that everything has a price, even love.  And sometimes the price is more than you're willing to pay...
Author Vanessa Werts (www.vanessawerts.com) is a native Alabamian and a military veteran.  It was her travels while on active duty that led to making the Washington, DC area her home.  Writing about real-life issues and ministering the healing power of love ignites a fire in her heart.

Hey there Tea Sippers!! 

Let me ask you a question...... what would it take for you to get up out your seat and hit the dance floor OR make you snap your fingers and get into the groove of some feel good, brown liquor dranking, cards slapping the table, high fiving your good girlfriend music?  Well, my darlings, my guest today will say that it will take some good strong vocals, some kick ass tracks, and some powerful background children screaming for the gods to get you up and off  your  ass to clap your hands, stomp your feet, and move your body to the rhythm of the beat!

Specializing in taking the Word where the people are and making sure that the people understand that it's alright to have a good time in the Word, my guest has created a new record label that will put the heart and the soul back into the music!  Mr. Paris Hairston is going to be Dishing Tea with Big Meach about the ins and outs of creating an entire label in a day and age when it seems like it's nearly impossible for the music to be appreciated.  AEONSTAR RECORDS is soon to launch and we will be getting the exclusive on what's to come and what we can expect from it.

PLUS..... we will be diving into the mail bag and reading a few "Dear Big Meach" letters and I will be serving my brand of tea to those who ask!

It's going to be a HOT POT today, my darlings so be sure to have plenty of crumpets,

ya heard me!


Hey there Tea Sippers!!! Welcome to our first show of 2017.

So much has happened since we were last in the air that today will be a Hodge Podge of topics and YOU can be my co-host as it is a Don't Come out of a Bag, Wednesday.

Here are a few things on my mind:

The Donald aka #45- He is now inaugurated and is exercising his new power.....What are your thoughts?

The death of Eddie Long- Why is there so much hatred?

The Conscious Community WAR- The battle between Umar Johnson and General Setti....WHAT THE HELL IS THIS????

The Side Piece vs. The FB or the FWB- Are you COMFORTABLE with being the side piece?

All this and more, so darlings bring PLENTY OF CRUMPETS cuz this is going to be a HOT POT OF TEA!

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What does the Future REALLY have in store for Us?

Hey there Tea Sippers!!  We are closing the month of April with a very close look at what is going on in our world and within the LGBT community as we are approaching the Pride Season.  I am very disturbed by all of the smoke and mirrors we seem to been enveloped in as the country talks about bathroom issues, religious rights, and legalized discrimination. So, yes, today is going to be a "Don't Come out of a Bag, Wednesday" where YOU will be my co-host!  I want to be a little more focused today as we need to have this tough conversation about the perils of the LGBT COMMUNITY going to war with mainstream over the basic right to be EQUAL....

Sounds familiar???   Well, I will also entertain whatever is on your minds....give YOU an opportunity to express yourself in a way that you may not have felt comfortable doing!  Now, the rule is say what you wish, BUT if you come out of a bag on me, I will come out of a BIGGER bag on you!!

Here are a few other things that are on Topics List

The change in currency... MLK and Harriet Tubman will grace the $5 and the $20 bills.....  What do YOU think about that?

The state of the United States of America.....are we in doom if Donald WINS the election?  Do you think this is a "set up" so that Hillary can win in order to continue to do with her like they did with President Obama, place the blame on her?

In Memoriam:  We have GOTS to take a minute and just reflect on who we have lost thus far in 2016 and it's only 4 months in.  We have lost some GIANTS in the game and sadly, it's not over. 

 PLUS, friend to the show, Reknowned psychic, Leo Brown will be with us sharing information about his new book and taking your calls LIVE... get your crumpets, darlings!