The daughter of John Zatara, Zatanna is a powerful magician who casts spells by speaking backwards and works as both a stage performer and a member of the Justice League of America (presently Justice League Dark).

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MAY 26 2017 - JUN 04 2017


By: Kara Franker

For the first time, Miami will host the World OutGames in 2017.

In May 2017, the World OutGames Miami 2017 are coming to Florida and the entire Miami community is excited to host the 10-day festival, featuring more than 450 sporting, cultural and human rights events.

“The World OutGames are the largest LGBT sporting events in the world and with Miami and Miami Beach as the home base, more attendees than ever will participate and compete at this event,” says George Neary, Associate Vice President, Cultural Tourism & LGBT Marketing for the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau. The GMCVB estimates that more than 100,000 attendees are expected to attend the series of events.

WorldOut Games Event Information

The World OutGames will take place in Miami from May 26 to June 4, 2017. The event will kick-off in style with an opening ceremony at Lummus Park, which will be transformed into the “Festival Village” for the duration of the games and will feature performances by A-list entertainers and international artists.

The Festival Village will play host to countless vendors and entertainment, and will house two entertainment stages, a women's space, a family area, an adult zone and food and drink options for every palate.

Each evening, the Festival Village will come alive with much fanfare, including dance parties with international DJs, haute pool parties and VIP events where participants can strut their stuff down the red carpet.

And once all the athletic competitions have ended, there will be a closing ceremony. Positioned to be a fantastic celebration, this non-stop party will include headliner entertainment, celebrity appearances and more.



Luigi Zatara

The grandfather of Zatara and the great-grandfather of Zatanna.

Out In The Tropics (July)

Artists from around the world take the stage at Out in the Tropics, South Florida’s first LGBT contemporary performing arts festival. Expect a combination of comedy, circus arts, Cuban theater and much more.

Giovanni "John" Zatara was a stage magician with the ability to manipulate true magic, who used his powers to fight crime and evil. Zatara’s distinctive magical abilities involved speaking his incantations backwards to focus their power.

Early Life

On his fifteenth birthday, Zatara’s grandfather, the famous stage magician Luigi Zatara, gave him a box of the tricks from his magic act. The boy showed an aptitude for stage magic and began to pursue the craft professionally at only nineteen. His early attempts at performing professionally were unsuccessful until he discovered the notebooks of his reputed ancestor, Leonardo da Vinci. While reading the notebooks, which Leonardo wrote in backwards spelling as a security precaution, Zatara learned that he had the gift of true magic. With this new knowledge, Zatara developed a successful stage show. During his premiere performance, a fire broke out on stage, forcing Zatara to use true magic to put it out. While the audience mistook the incident as part of the act, Zatara realized the true value of his power, and he resolved to use it help others.

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