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Angie Stone Dishing Tea with Big Meach
Big Meach

Community Activist, Radio/TV Talk Show Host

  Author / Play Write/ Producer

Demetris Dennis Taylor aka Big Meach hails from Detroit, MI where his passion for performing arts and community activism. was nurtured and cultivated. Big Meach has served on the planning committee for             " Hotter Than July ", Detroit's black gay pride celebration from  2000-2005 where he spearheaded the Transgender Summits.He has served on the boards of Transgender Michigan and Transgender Detroit  as well as The Performer's Awards of Detroit.

About Big Meach

Dishing TEA with Big Meach

‚Äč Dishing TEA is a progressive and upbeat look at LGBT culture examining those things that keeps us ticking including celebrity interviews and the common and uncommon interest we share. In addition, Dishing TEA will be shining a spotlight on those things that needs to be improved  such as social injustices and internalized phobias within the culture, Dishing TEA is open to all who will listen with an open mind as the show will give insight and distinguish between our allies and our adversaries!!

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