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Detroit  2018

"No Time for the Pain"

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Detroit Fall 2018

5 Mo Artists - Dishing Tea Entertainment Present "No Time for the Pain", an original theatrical production written by native Detroiter Demetris "Big Meach" Taylor. Host of the hit Blog Talk Radio Network show, "Dishing Tea with Big Meach" as well as TV’s Atlanta’s Up and Rising. Peter Jackson Artistic Director 5 Mo Artists is the Executive Producer. 

"Family ties are shattered and destroyed when fraternal twins, Danielle and Eric, confront one another on the issues of Betrayal, Infidelity, and HIV" 

"No Time for the Pain" is a fulfilled, side splitting piece of theatrical entertainment and is an intricate journey through life and LGBT culture from an African American experience. It gives the audience a chance to take a look and see the similarities between all walks of life and will promote dialogue as it tackles some of life’s pressing issues that most think are only relevant to the LGBT experience: being on the down low, sexual orientation, gender identity, abandonment, and crisis intervention. 

Directed by 5 Mo Artists - Dishing Tea Entertainment "No Time for the Pain" stars "Jackson ‘Veronica’ Dupree", a "mother of the house" entity who can solve the world’s problems, but has conflict dealing with her own; yet she navigates others through their own private hell. ". Voice over narratives’ features ‘The Voice’ Jessie Peck singer/songwriter of The Legendary Spinners.

"No Time for the Pain" is Rated R and is intended for Mature Audiences, the language and subject matters are NOT INTENDED for children or anyone NOT MATURE ENOUGH to handle the subject matters... 

"No Time for the Pain" had its first run July 2014 at the historic 1515 Broadway theatre during "Hotter than July" Detroit’s Black Gay Pride festivities. 

"No Time for the Pain" Debuted Atlanta Georgia November 27-28 & December 4, 2015 at the Atlanta South Fulton Arts Center 4645 Butner Rd. SW with 4 shows.which featured a VIP Preferred Tea Party Reception.

"No Time for the Pain" is not only a fun filled, side splitting, thought provoking piece of theatrical entertainment, it is an educational piece that will aid in the development of the necessary equity building and mainstream societal acceptance of a community often defined by its stereotypes and hyperbole. NTFTP can reach the masses, including the churchgoer, the club hopper, and the layperson through its strong message of relationship, commitment, and unification as it mirrors those challenges everyone faces through the medium of live theatre.​

This will be another installment of a dream that is now a vision becoming a reality. It is my praise report that this information will evoke your interest in "No Time for the Pain" and you will consider this as a unique opportunity to provide the necessary support and capital that will furthur catapult this productions existence.

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